Programme: BAG/2023-2024

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Programme: BAG/2023-2024
Course Code: BEGS-186
Q1) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.
In the dynamic landscape of the professional world, conversation skills emerge as an indispensable asset,
shaping the trajectory of careers and fostering effective communication. These skills transcend the simple
exchange of words, encompassing the art of active listening, empathy, articulation, and adaptability. Proficient
conversation skills lay the foundation for building robust relationships, whether with colleagues, clients, or
In an era characterized by interconnectedness and global collaboration, the ability to engage in meaningful
conversations becomes a catalyst for innovation and problem-solving. Clear and concise communication
ensures that ideas are transmitted accurately, reducing misunderstandings and streamlining decision-making
processes. Moreover, adept conversationalists have a remarkable capacity to defuse conflicts, transforming
potentially adversarial situations into opportunities for growth and compromise.
Beyond the pragmatic advantages, conversation skills play a pivotal role in cultivating a positive workplace
culture. By fostering open dialogues and approachable interactions, professionals can establish an
environment where diverse perspectives are welcomed, creativity flourishes, and individuals feel valued and
understood. This, in turn, nurtures higher levels of employee engagement, motivation, and overall job
In essence, conversation skills are the linchpin that connects professional success with effective
communication. They empower individuals to navigate the intricacies of complex relationships, transcend
cultural barriers, and harness the power of collaboration. As businesses continue to evolve in an increasingly
interconnected world, the significance of honing these skills remains steadfast, proving instrumental in driving
productivity, innovation, and harmonious coexistence within the professional realm.
Q1 a) Answer the following questions: (5×2=10 marks)
i. What is the role of conversation skills in the professional world?
ii. How do conversation skills go beyond just exchanging words?
iii. How can proficient conversation skills enhance problem-solving and innovation?
iv. What impact can clear communication have on workplace dynamics?
v. Apart from facilitating communication, what other benefits do conversation skills offer in a
professional environment?
Q1 b) Pick out words from the passage which mean the same as the following: (5 x 1=5 mark)
i. Absolutely necessary or essential, something that cannot be done without (para 1)
ii. The path or course that an object, idea, or person follows through space, time, or development
(para 1)
iii. The act of expressing thoughts, ideas, or words clearly and coherently; also refers to the physical
arrangement of speech sounds in language (para 1)
iv. Complex and detailed elements, features, or aspects of something that require careful attention to
understand fully (para 4)
v. Marked by agreement, compatibility, or a pleasing arrangement of parts, often used to describe
relationships, interactions, or environments that are peaceful and balanced (para 4)
Q1 c) What have you learnt in the passage above about the importance of communication in a professional
environment? (5 marks)
Q2 Write short notes on any two of the following: (2×10=20 marks)
i. Small talk.
ii. A proposal.
iii. Different kinds of reports.
iv. Job profiles.
Q3 a) Here are the answers to some questions. What are the questions? (5 x 1=5 mark)
i. Do you _____?
Yes, I my hobbies are reading books, watching movies, and playing football.
ii. What is _____?
My favourite book is David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.
iii. Do you have _____?
I am planning to travel with my family in the coming holidays.
iv. What is _____?
My favourite movie is Sholay.
v. How do you _____?
I like to stay active by playing sports.
Q3 b) Complete the following passage with either the present perfect or past simple tense of the verbs in
brackets (10 x 1=10 mark)
Effective communication is like an intricate dance, where participants must move in harmony to convey
ideas, share information, and build connections. Without proper communication, misunderstandings
arise and relationships can become strained. To ensure that messages are accurately (1) _____ (receive),
it’s essential to actively listen to others, absorbing not only their words but also the emotions and
intentions underlying them. This process of active listening (2) _____ (lay) a solid foundation for
responding thoughtfully and appropriately.
In addition to listening, the ability to (3) _____ (express) thoughts clearly is paramount. When thoughts
are (4) _____ (articulate) with precision, they can be understood without ambiguity. This clarity (5)
_____ (avoid) unnecessary confusion and ensures that the intended message is conveyed as intended.
Furthermore, skilled communicators can tailor their message to suit their audience, adapting their tone,
vocabulary, and style to resonate effectively.
In the realm of professional communication, negotiation and conflict resolution (6) _____ (take) center
stage. Adept communicators can ease tensions and find common ground, transforming disputes into
opportunities for compromise and collaboration. By (7) _____ (employ) empathy and understanding,
they (8) _____ (generate) solutions that satisfy all parties involved.
In conclusion, effective communication is a multifaceted skill that (9) _____ (require) individuals to
employ a variety of verbs, from listening and articulating to (10) _____ (adapt) and resolving. By honing
these skills, individuals can navigate the intricate web of human interaction with finesse, nurturing
relationships and fostering success.
Q3 c) Complete these sentences with the correct comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets
(5 x 1=5 marks)
i. The view from the mountaintop is absolutely breathtaking, making it the _____ (beautiful) sight I’ve
ever seen.
ii. The cake she baked was so delicious that it earned the title of the _____ (tasty) dessert at the party.
iii. The Grand Canyon is the _____ (deep) and most awe-inspiring natural wonder in the world.
iv. The marathon runner was the _____ (fast) among all the participants, securing a new record time.
v. This antique store has the _____ (extensive) collection of vintage books I’ve ever come across.
Q4 Write a report of an event organized for the Independence Day in your institution. Describe the
following details: (20 marks)
i. The event timeline
ii. Major activities organised
iii. Response of the public
iv. Your contribution to the event
Q5 Write a dialogue between two co-workers talking about an important project centering on the
increasing role of technology.


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