(BEGC 131)
Programme: BAG/2023/2024


(BEGC 131)
Programme: BAG/2023/2024
Course Code: BEGC 131
Max. Marks: 100
Answer all questions.
1. Read the following passage and answer the questions in your own words.
(5 x 2=10)
If India is the macrocosm that represents unity in diversity, Nagaland is the microcosm of that
philosophy. A melting pot of different tribal culture and cuisines, Nagaland is place where
primeval landscapes, ancient people can leave you floored. At the Hornbill Festival held from
December 1 to 10 in the state capital Kohima. I discovered that the concept of Athithi Devo
Bhava-‘Guest is God’, came naturally to the Nagas, the indigenous people of the region.
The Hornbill Festival showcases a mélange of cultural displays under one roof, attracting
visitors from across the world. It usually takes place in the first week of December at the Naga
Heritage Village called Kisama, located 12 km from Kohima. The village gets its name from
the two villages Kigwema (Ki) and Phesama (Sa), where the village is now established. The
suffix ‘Ma’ means village. Seventeen major tribes including Ao, Angami, Chang, Konyak,
Lotha, Sum and Chakhesang take part in the festival. Besides reviving and protecting the rich
culture of Nagaland, it helps visitors have a closer understanding of the people and their
According to Banuo Z Jamir, Nagaland’s first woman chief secretary, the festival is named
after the hornbill, the bird eulogized in Naga tribal folklore. “Hornbill is central to the Naga
tradition, finding symbolic representation in their faith and costumes,” She said.
For Nagas, the bird exudes qualities of nobility, beauty and bravery and because of its roar-like
call, its strength is believed to equal that of a tiger which personifies the quintessential Naga
warrior. It is also a symbol of fertility-reproduction and agriculture-and is perceived to possess
social values similar to those of humans.
1. What is the philosophy being referred to?
2. Why Nagaland is considered a ‘melting pot’?
3. The Hornbill Festival ‘showcases a mélange of cultural displays under one roof’. Discuss
this statement in the light of the passage.
4. What does the Hornbill represent to the Nagas?
5. Give a suitable title to the passage.
6. Use the following words in sentences of your own:
a. macrocosm
b. cuisine
c. melange
d. eulogize
e. folklore
Section B
2. Match the words in Column A with their meanings in Column B
i Diabetes blood pressure that is higher
than normal.
ii Coronary disease a condition in which the bones
become weak and are easily
iii Cancer a disease that causes pain and
swelling in one or more joints
of the body
iv Hypertension a medical condition caused by
the lack of insulin
v Parkinson’s Syndrome a serious disease in which
growth of confused cells, form
in the body and kill normal
body cells.
vi Osteoporosis a disease connected with the
vii Arthritis a disease of the nervous system
that causes the limbs to shake
viii Relapse happens again, like illness.
ix Recurrence fact of becoming ill again
x Regressive becoming or making something
less advanced.
3. Make new words by adding suffix to the following words.
Educate, conclude, produce, construct, permit
4. Complete the following sentences with the correct modals.
i. _______ you do me a favour?
ii. _______ I have a glass of water?
iii. The recipe I am trying ______ turn out to be a hit
iv. The hotel staff ______ behave politely.
v. One ______ not lead sedentary life.
5. Complete the following sentences with participles using the basic verb given in the brackets.
i) ‘There are no marks allocated for neatness in the ………………answers,’ announced the
teacher. (write)
ii) Doctors were finding it difficult to cope with so many ……….passengers after the train
accident. (injure)
iii) Many people from India went to the African countries to start businesses. Soon they had a
………….. trade and decided to settle here. (flourish)
iv) The ……………. News of the Youth Festival in the university reached all colleges in no
time. (excite)
v) The guests were impressed with the pretty decorations and the neatly ………. furniture.
vi) One of the ………… principles of life is to be straightforward and honest. (abide)
6. Fill in the blanks with the correct words given in brackets.
i) You will (lose, loose) __________ your money if you carry it in your hand.
ii) He spent his (Vocation, vacation) ________rock climbing.
iii) No one will address the audience (accept, except) _______ the Chief Guest.
iv) This is the (centre, middle) ________ of the circle.
v) My father is very (peculiar, particular) ________ about going for his early morning walk.
7. You have been asked to give an inspiring speech about how one can achieve one’s dreams with
courage and perseverance. Write out the speech in around 250 words.
8. Write an essay in around 250 words on the topic:
Environment and Technology: Exploring the sustainable dynamics
9. You and your friends have decided to visit Himachal in the last week of December this year.Write
a dialogue in around 200 words between you and a Travel Agent enquiring for the required
arrangements for this trip.


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