Women and Child Development
Course Code: MSWE – 002


Women and Child Development
Course Code: MSWE – 002
Total Marks: 100
Note: (i) Answer all the five questions.
(ii) All questions carry equal marks.
(iii) Answers to question no. 1 and 2 should not exceed 600 words each
1. Discuss the position of women in early Indian Society with regard to demographic,
social and economic indicators. 20
Analyse the status of women in pre-independent India. 20
2. Describe the problems faced by women workers in the informal sectors. 20
Highlight the various programmes for women’s development in India. 20
3. Answer any two of the following questions in about 300words each:
a) Discuss the nutritional status of Indian children. 10
b) Briefly explain the role of Social worker’s in child care setting with suitable examples. 10
c) Explain various difficulties faced by children of sex workers 10
d) Describe the concept of family and its emerging trends in the changing context 10
4. Answer any four of the following in about 150 words each:
a) Mention the factors responsible for children living on streets. 5
b) What are the inter-linkages between gender and health issue in India? 5
c) Discuss the impact of natural disasters on children 5
d) What do you understand by parenting styles? 5
e) Briefly discuss the role of UNICEF and ICDS in promoting the child rights. 5
f) Why is socialization important for adolescents? 5
5. Write short notes on any five of the following in about 100 words each:
a) Sex and Gender 4
b) Violence against women 4
c) Gender Mainstreaming 4
d) Causes of child labour 4
e) Feminism 4
f) Central Adoption Resource Authority 4
g) Rag Pickers 4
h) Egalitarianis


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