Social Work in African Context
Course Code: MSWE-010


Social Work in African Context
Course Code: MSWE-010
Total Marks: 100
Note: (i) Answer all the five questions.
(ii) All questions carry equal marks.
(iii) Answers to question no. 1 and 2 should not exceed 600 words each
1. Explain the legal system in Ethiopia. 20
Discuss the historical influences affecting social work education in Africa. 20
2. Illustrate the historical development of social welfare program during different regimes in
Ethiopia. 20
Describe the theories helpful in working with groups. 20
3. Answer any twoof the following questions in about 300 words each:
a) Briefly discuss the role played by the various international and national intsitutions for the
development of social work education in Africa. 10
b) Discuss the socio-economic situation of vulnerable groups in Ethiopia. 10
c) Describe briefly the challenges faced by education in Ethiopia from economic front. 10
d) Highlight the phases of social case work process. 10
4. Attempt any four of the following in about 150 words each:
a) Distinguish between social services and social security systems. 5
b) Explain the factors that pulled NGOs to flourish in Ethiopia. 5
c) What was the reason for closure of the first social work department in Ethiopia? 5
d) List out the types of schools found in Ethiopia.. 5
e) What are the major causes of human problem in Ethiopia? 5
f) Discuss the major characteristics of social work research. 5
5. Write short notes on any five of the following in about 100 words each:
a) Gedam Sefer Community Partnership (GSCP) 4
b) Social Workers’ Ethical Responsibilities to Colleagues 4
c) Social Protection in Ethiopia 4
d) Challenges of Education in Ethiopia 4
e) Strategies for Community Development 4
f) Characteristics of Social Group work 4
g) Roles of a Community Worker 4
h) Feminist Community Work


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