Entrepreneurship and Food Service Management (MFN-007)
Course Code: MFN-007
Assignment Code: MFN-007/AST-3/TMA-3/2022-23



Entrepreneurship and Food Service Management (MFN-007)
Course Code: MFN-007
Assignment Code: MFN-007/AST-3/TMA-3/2022-23
Last Date of Submission: 28th February, 2023
Maximum Marks: 100
This assignment is based on Units 1 -19 of the MFN-007 Course.
Section A – Descriptive Questions
There are eight questions in this part. Answer all questions.
(80 marks)
1. a) Enlist any six important principles used by a manager to make decisions for food
service establishment.
b) Explain briefly the steps to be kept in mind before planning a food service unit.
c) What are the resources required for a food service establishment. Elaborate.
2. a) Enlist the general guidelines you would follow for care, cleanliness and
maintenance of the plant and equipment in your food service unit.
b) Describe some characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

3. a) Define menu and list its functions.
b) Why is menu considered the focal point for all activities in a food service unit?
c) Enumerate the informal methods of purchasing for a food establishment. (4)
4. a) Present a brief review on various sanitizing agents which can be used in a food
service unit.
b) Elaborate on the different types of cooking methods used in quantity cooking?

5. a) What is a budget? Discuss the steps involved in budget making for a restaurant. (5)
b) How are the approaches to food service management broadly categorized? (3)
c) Explain gueridon service. (2)
6. a) Differentiate between commissary and conventional food service system. (4)
b) Enumerate the qualities of a leader? (2)
c) Elaborate on the four styles of leadership used in a food service establishment. (4)
7. a) Enumerate the types of equipment available for use in a food service organization,
involved with large scale cooking.
b) What is an organization chart? Illustrate an organization chart of a restaurant.
8. a) Explain the significance of 4P’s of marketing in context of food entrepreneurship. (4)
b) What is a standardized recipe? Explain briefly the methods used for recipe
c) What do you understand by the phrase 3-E’s of safety in a food service establishment.
Section B – OTQ (Objective Type Questions) (20 marks)

a) Define the following: (10)
i. Danger Temperature zone
ii. Cook-Chill system
iii. HACCP
iv. Cruet
v. Baine marie
2. Differentiate between the following: (10)
i. Stewing and Braising
ii. Job Enrichment and Job Descriptions
iii. Abrasives and Degreasers
iv. Recruitment and Selection
v. Plant and Equipment


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