Bachelor of Business Administration
(BBA) in Retailing
Ist Year
Course Code : BRL-103
Course Title : Store Operations- I
Assignment Code : BRL-103/TMA/2022-23


Course Code : BRL-103
Course Title : Store Operations- I
Assignment Code : BRL-103/TMA/2022-23
Coverage : All Blocks
Maximum Marks: 100
Attempt all the questions.
(B) Short Type Questions
1. (a) Discuss the advantages of using demographic and psychographic
(b) Distinguish between strategic and resultant drivers. (5+5)
2. (a) Explain the qualities of a good cashier with the help of an example.
(b) How the changes in food retailing affect food prices? (5+5)
3. (a) “In store, design is proportionately related to profitability”. Discuss.
(b) Critically analyze the association between store operation, store
environment, productivity, and profitability in retail operations.
4. (a) “Promotion is a form of corporate communication that uses various
methods to reach a targeted audience with a certain message in order to
achieve specific organizational objectives”. Explain.
(b) In how many groups the assets can be categorized based on usage?
Also, explain each of the usage categories in a retail perspective.
5. (a) Explain the salient steps to be taken in planning and designing a stores
(b) Define the terms customer and consumer and explain them with an

6. (a) What important principles have to be followed as a good corporate
citizen by retailers while doing recruitment?
(b) What are the different ways in which to optimization of space
availability is achieved?

7. (a) Define the space planning concept? What process one must follow for a
well-defined space planning concept?
(b) What important steps are followed in setting up an SOP?
(B) Essay Type Questions
8. What information is required to successfully manage the supply chain?
Explain each of these elements briefly.
9. What is the importance of organization structure in retail? explain the
important tasks performed in retail


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