BECE-143 EM 2022-23 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23


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Course Code: BECE-143
Assignment Code: BECE143/TMA /2022-23
Maximum Marks: 100
Answer all the questions
A. Long Answer Questions (word limit-500 words). Each question carries 20 marks.
2 × 20 = 40
1) Explain Command and Control Approach (CAC) approach. Outline its advantages and disadvantages.
2) Differentiate between the stated preference and revealed preference methods of evaluating
environmental resources and describe the Travel cost method.
B. Medium Answer Questions (word limit-250 words). Each question carries 10 marks.
3 × 10 = 30
3) Explain the efficiency in product-mix with the help of efficiency in consumption and efficiency in
4) Elucidate the rationale behind ‘Pigouvian Tax’. How does it work?
5) Explain the efficient provision of a public good with the help of a diagram.
C. Short Answer Questions (word limit 100 words). Each question carries 15 marks.
2 × 3 × 5 = 30
6) Differentiate between:
(a) Weak sustainability and Strong Sustainability
(b) Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Accept
(c) Negative and Positive Externality
7) Write short notes on the following.
(a) Global Commons
(b) Social Optimality
(c) Limitations of Coasian Bargaining


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