Course Code: BBYCT-131
Assignment Code: BBYCT-131/TMA/2024


Course Code: BBYCT-131
Assignment Code: BBYCT-131/TMA/2024
Maximum Marks: 100
Note: Attempt all questions. The marks for each question are indicated
against it.
1. a) Differentiate between DNA viruses from RNA viruses with the help of
suitable diagram.
b) Discuss the mechanism of transformation in bacteria with appropriate
example and diagram.
2. a) Discuss the biological significance of heterospory in pteridophytes.
b) Discuss why is the seed of gymnosperms considered having
remarkable combination of two generation.
3. a) Explain the role of bryophytes in prevention of soil erosion/and as
pioneers of vegetation.
b) Enumerate the unifying characteristics of archegoniates.
4. Differentiate between the following pairs of terms:
i) Flagella and Pili
ii) Transduction and conjugation
iii) Lysogenic and lytic cycle of bacteriophages
iv) Root of Cycas and Pinus
(4×2 ½ =10)
5. Prepare clear and well labelled diagrams of any four of the following:
i) Formation of palmella stage in Chchlamydomonas
ii) L.S. of male cone of Pinus
iii) Life Cycle of Fucus
iv) Sexual reproduction in Marchantia
(4×2 ½ =10)
6. Compare the characteristics of liverworts, hornworts and mosses in a
tabular form with appropriate diagrams.
7. a) With the help of suitable diagram depict different types of chaloroplast
structures in algae.
b) Explain vegetative reproduction in fungi with examples and diagram.
8. Discuss the application of Lichens in food, medicine and dyes. (10)
9. Describe the internal and external structure of a typical bacterium.
Differentiate a bacterial cell from an archaeal cell.
10. Write notes on the following:
i) Telome Theory
ii) Economic importance of Gymnosperms as medicine
iii) Economic importance of mycorrhiza
iv) Gemma cups


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