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  1. Briefly explain the difference between organizational effectiveness and organizational efficiency. Describe the factors which affect an organizational design.

ANS: difference between organizational effectiveness and organizational efficiency:

Both these terms are frequently used in the management field and operations as well. In order to depict the difference between these methodical aspects firstly we need to understand the meaning of each of them.

Organizational Efficiency –

It can simply be defined as the process of doing any organizational task with great potency and expertise. An organizational efficiency can be understood as the achievement of goals and objectives with optimum utilization of resources without any wastage. When the use of few resources results in maximum output that is considered to be organizational efficiency. These resources comprise monetary, human, natural resource, organic and raw material etc. Resources are inlets in the procedure of conversion and transformation. The chief objective of efficiency is to utilize the smallest amount of resources to obtain apex outputs amid the transformation process.

Organizational efficiency can be achieved by appropriate utilization of natural and man-made resources, distribution of fine quality product and services as well. Focusing effectively on the employee training and advance education will surely help in attaining


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