Tutor Marked Assignment
AECC on Environment Studies
Course Code: BEVAE-181
Assignment Code: BEVAE-181/TMA/2023


Tutor Marked Assignment
AECC on Environment Studies
Course Code: BEVAE-181
Assignment Code: BEVAE-181/TMA/2023
Maximum Marks: 100
Note: Attempt all questions. The marks for each question are indicated against it.
1. Why ecological significance of forest is more important in present day context? Explain.
2. Answer the following questions in about 125 words each.
a) Explain the characteristics of Western Ghats for inclusion as Biodiversity hotspots.
b) Why hydropower is regarded as the best source of energy? Explain it in detail.
c) The importance of Biomass has been increasing day by day in our surroundings among
renewable resources. Explain it with suitable examples.
d) How does air pollution affect the atmospheric processes?
e) What is Disposal of waste? Why segregation of waste is needed?
3. Explain the human-environment relationship by taking examples of biotic and abiotic
4. “As humans civilisation progressed, man started altering the environment in the pursuit of
creating an economic, social and cultural environment of his own choice. This slowly
resulted in the depletion of natural resources and degradation of environment.” Explain it
in context of national legislations of water acts?
5. “Biosphere reserves are internationally recognised areas established to promote and
demonstrate a balanced relationship between Humans and the Biosphere.” Elaborate this
statement in the context of conservation of nature?
6. Explain the following terms in about 60 words each:
(a) Seed Bank
(b) Incineration
(c) Biological Oxygen Demand
(d) Public Health
7. Answer the following questions in about 150 words each.
(a) What is lentic and lotic ecosystem? Explain these two with suitable examples.
(b) What is ecological succession? Explain the types of succession with suitable diagrams.
(c) Explain the biocentrism and ecocentrism in context of human’s attitude towards nature?
(d) Define natural calamities and its types with suitable examples.
8. Explain the causes of ozone depletion? How do ultraviolet rays affects human health,
animals, plants, micro-organisms, water and air quality.
9. “Education for environmental awareness is essential for the younger generation as well as
for the older generation.” Explain the statement with suitable examples.
10. “Water Harvesting is one of the effective measures to combat drought.” Explain this
statement with suitable arguments.


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