British Literature: 18thCentury
July2023 andJanuary,2024 Sessions


British Literature: 18thCentury
July2023 andJanuary,2024 Sessions
(Based on Blocks 1 – 4)
Max. Marks: 100
Answer all questions.
Section A
1. Write short notes on the following in about 200 words each:
i) Historical Circumstances of 17 th and 18 th Century England.
ii) Enlightenment
iii) Major Characteristics of Restoration Period
iv) Poetry in 18 th century
Section B
Answer the following in about 300 words each:
4 X 7.5 = 30
1. Comment on the development of the character of Robinson Crusoe in the story.
2. Critically analyse important characters of Gulliver’s Travels Book III.
3. What is the “The Way of the World” solution to the Hobbesian power struggle?
4. What meaning does the term “Age of Sensibility” convey to you?
Section C
Answer the following questions in about 400 words each: 5 X 10 = 50
1. How does the novel foreground that cultural colonization and geographical conquering go hand
in hand?
2. Write a critical summary of Gulliver’s Travels Book IV.
3. Critically analyse the major themes in “The Way of the World”
4. Discuss some critical assumptions about the epitaph of the Elegy.
5. Discuss the metaphors and personifications used in the Elegy.


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