Core Course in Biochemistry
Course Code: BBCET-143
Assignment code: BBCET-143/TMA/2024


Basic Microbiology
Core Course in Biochemistry
Course Code: BBCET-143
Assignment code: BBCET-143/TMA/2024
Maximum marks: 100
Note: Attempt all questions. The marks for each question are indicated against it.
Write the answers in your own words; do not copy from the course material.
PART-(A) Marks: 50
1. Explain the contribution of following scientists in the field of microbiology: (5X2= 10)
(a) Louis Pasteur
(b) Francesco Redi
(c) Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
(d) Robert Koch
(e) Joseph Lister
2. (a) Compare bacteria, archea and eucarya in terms of their cell wall, membrane lipids, gas vesicles,
mRNA introns and size of ribosomes. (5)
(b) Explain the basis of phenetic and genotypic system of classification. (5)

3. (a) Explain the lytic and lysogenic modes of replication of bacteriophages with a suitable diagram. (5)
(b) How is nucleic acid composition used for taxonomic determination? (5)
4. (a) Which three modes of reproduction are present in algae? (5)
(b) Write any five characteristic of a typical eubacteria. (5)
5. (a) Write a brief note on purple sulfur bacteria and give two examples. (5)
(b) What are Rickettsiae? Write their characteristics. (5)
PART- (B) Marks: 50
6. (a) Explain the replication cycle of polio virus with suitable diagram. (5)

(b) Write characteristics of Euglenophyta? (5)
7. (a) Illustrate economic importance of algae in food industry using any five examples. (5)
(b) What are rhizomorphs and sclerotia? Explain their role in fungi. (5)
8. (a) Give a brief account of mycoses? (5)
(b) How do protozoa obtain their nutrition? (5)
9. (a) Differentiate between the following terms: (2X5)
(i) Passive and facilitated diffusion.
(ii) Nutrient medium and selective medium
10. (a) What is biofilm? How is it important? (5)
(b) Write the industrial process of yogurt production. (5)


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